Entry Categories
1. Residential
This category includes spaces or renovated areas within a private residence, such as a house, condominium, loft, apartment and vacation home.
2. Retail Spaces
This category includes retail establishments open to the general public, whether freestanding, within a building, or as part of a shopping centre. Also included in this category are the interiors of freestanding shopping centres or shopping centre concourses, whether new construction or a renovation.
3. Workplaces
This category requires the inclusion of staff workplaces, reception areas, meeting rooms, utility areas or other areas to the extent that the total workplace is represented.
4. Health-care Facilities
This category includes all health care facilities; including, hospitals, clinics, research centres, therapeutic and geriatric facilities, medical offices and dental facilities.
5. Marketing Centers
This category includes those facilities, whether temporary or permanent, that display merchandise for sale at the wholesale level or serve as a promotional tool in the selling or leasing of residential or commercial space; including, showrooms, exhibition spaces, model rooms and model homes.
6. Public and Institutional Spaces
This category includes places of assembly occupancy, such as schools, universities, daycare centres, museums, theatres, libraries, public art galleries, public auditoriums, airports, courthouses, correctional facilities and places of worship.
7. Condominiums, Hotels and Recreational Facilities
This category includes hotel rooms, suites, lobbies, corridors, and private function spaces created within condominiums, hotels, motels or inns. Also included in this category are spas, fitness facilities, and clubhouses, whether freestanding or within a building.
8. Restaurants, Bars andd Clubs
This category includes freestanding food kiosks, food court spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, private or public clubs, cocktail lounges, bars and nightclubs.
9. Restoration and Adaptive Reuse
This category includes either the restoration or conservation of interiors of historic significance or the restoration and adaptive reuse of such space. Please select the subcategory that best represents the final product of a particular restoration and/or adaptive reuse project. Please note: before-and-after images must be provided.
10. Specialty Elements
This category includes custom-designed millwork, furniture, lighting, way finding, branding and products, designed as part of an interior design project.